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Sunday, December 1st, 2013
2:34 pm
A Christmas Wishlist
Somehow, probably watching too much Food Network, I concluded that I need better kitchen things, to encourage more cooking:

-Spice Rack, very useful to have a nice variety of quality spices in a compact, easily accessible place.
-Good knives, which will cut and slice much more efficiently and not RUST!
-Crockpot, for making ahead.
-Spice grinder, for making amazing blends of tasty goodness. I believe a coffee grinder is a fair equivalent. Allows for whole cloves, nutmeg and others.
-Mixing bowls
-Food saving vacuum system, for possibly getting bulk or for saving meals for longer?
-Muffin, cake and bread pans. Or the silicon cups in the case of muffin baking fun.
-Hand mixer, mostly because I haven't any idea where I would put a stand mixer, though a stand mixer could be fun and can get neat attachments.
-Masubi press, I think that's what it's called. It is a small kitchen device for compressing rice into a firm rectangle. I require the kind sized for Spam.

Other more random and unrelated goods that would be appreciated and well loved:

-I love tea. Teavana has an amazing selection of yum, and they have nice tumblers that keep the tea inside HOT for more than 6 hours, not to mention the lovely sets of asian style pots and cups. Some of my favourites are gunpowder [aka pearl, I forget what the name Teavana uses, dragon pearl or something], monkey picked oolong, golden monkey black, but I also like many of the flavoured blends. I only mention Teavana specifically because I was just looking at their website.

-Food in general. I'm sure I can use gift cards and coupon books and some of those awesome foodie kits they're always selling for food-gifts.

-Music. Music is pretty amazing stuff, and I really love dancing around. I have a record player, so vinyl's acceptable. I'm really eclectic, ranging from Paul Simon to the hits of the 50s-now, Queen, Rush, the Cure, the Clash, Sisters of Mercy, Dead Can Dance.... well, I like music and actually have very little [the radio like Last.fm or Pandora tends to keep me happy most of the time, but does me no good for travel].

-Electronics. I don't really need goods or gadgets, but I like the possibilities with things. As far as I can tell, Samsung's Note and the Surface Pro both have pressure sensitivity [I could be wrong, I also know you can buy a special pen for iPads, but don't bother with Wacom type devices because these cost a small fortune for something other than the drawing tablet I have for my computer].

-Art and craft supplies and materials. I need to unplug more and draw, knit, or otherwise make fun things. Yes, I knit, sort of.

-Books. I am a real fan of historical fiction, alt history, sci-fi and fantasy, even those books meant for young adults and such, think I've read most of the Artemis Fowl and Percy Jackson titles. I'm waiting on the new Song of Ice and Fire title, but the B&N guy didn't seem to know when it'll be out. How-to and odd facts type reads are cool, too.

-Bookshelves, and or any other kind of shelving. Something to display all our toys in an otherwise empty corner while still being able to shelve our books... Having one of those shelves you can put over the toilet would be handy [the kind that has legs to the floor, as I have no idea if I could mount the hanging kind]. Some kind of shelving I can put on my desk and be able to utilise my space better. Shelves are better than drawers and cabinets, in my mind. Even some low shelves at 3 foot or so, to put under the wall posters.

-Manga/Anime. I'm not restricted to Japanese, some of the Korean manwa, Chinese and American written stuff is pretty good. Even Dramas are acceptably awesome.

Clothes, toys and accessories:

-Go ahead and shop the girls' section, I can usually fit girls' 14-16 for things that sleeve or leg length aren't a concern.

-Shirts and hoodies, problem with small clothes is short sleeves and small arm-holes! I actually like larger, looser tops, and have been known to swim in 2-3X tees, though a Medium or Large would be more than enough to fit my long arms.

-Comfortable pants, this largely means non-skinny jeans or anything that'll be tight. Yoga pants feel great. About 30-32inch waist/hips, 32inch inseam. Yes, men's are cheaper and perfectly acceptable, I don't care about brand name or frilly design if it's comfortable.

-Toe socks. The most comfortable for wearing, from what I've had, are the wicking ones from Injinji and Fila, but the decorative ones can be fun if they don't scratch. I wear something like Women's 9-10s shoe, for an idea what'll fit.

-Dr Who, it really doesn't seem to matter what, is pretty high on my likes at the moment. This includes Dr. Hooves of MLP:FIM goods.

-My Little Ponies, my favourites in no particular order are Rainbow Dash, Derpy, Dr. Hooves, Gilda, Discord, Luna/Nightmare Moon, Octavia and Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3. No Equestria Girls, they just look weird. Special note, I've seen Spencers selling TOE SOCKS in packs of 4 unmatched ponies.

-Walking Dead, Darryl and Maschon are favourites there.
-Black Butler, particularly Sebastian and Grell, though I haven't seen other characters on anything aside from Ciel.
-Bleach, Toshiro is my favourite [little boy with white hair and an ice dragon], you'd actually have to be familiar with the series and look hard to find other options I really like, and I can't even spell some of their names. Full hollow Ichigo, where he's got the long hair and horns? heh. I could go on for pages, probably.

-American Comics characters: won't be sad if I get Deadpool or Wolverine or who knows who else on something.

Note here: I am not a fan of memes, Adventure Time, One Piece or other horribly drawn stuff. Also, nothing comedy, ugh.
I probably could've thought up a few hundred more things to list here, but pretty much, I am making a list of random things that have come to mind since sitting down here.
Thursday, November 8th, 2012
8:17 am
NaNoWriMo 2012
[Note, I have not edited a thing, and yes I know I'm slow on the uptake.]

she looked at the robes she'd been given by the selection committee for her descent ceremony, the pale pale blue looked silvery in some lights, bringing a smile to her lips. because it wasn't quite white, the robe made her wings almost shine in their whiteness, the purer colour radiant. she needed to hurry to get to the ceremony on time, but she was no longer a cherub and she was beginning to rush through everything a lot less. there was never anything to worry about in heaven, even those chosen by the selection committee were unworried by the prospect of descent.

Descending to walk amongst the people of Penta was a thrilling prospect, she could feel a tingle in her wings as she thought about what it would be like to be there, walking beside them rather than watching as guardians from afar. She wouldn't be as powerful, something about the descent changes an angel, but she would be much closer and able to interact more directly with the people. How could that be anything but exciting?

She scurried out of her chambers, the last time she would see them unless or until she was able to return to heaven. Some chose never to ascend after their time, though they were forced to return if they refused to voluntarily. That was the worst, when an angel turns their back on heaven in favour of remaining on Penta and allowing all their feelings to compell them. She hoped she would never lose her way so greatly that she would have to face the Exorcists.

In the hall she met up with two of the others who would be descending at the same time with her. The last was either well ahead of them, or lingering somewhere behind. They greeted each other, a trill of excitement flowing between them with the electric buzz of power passing over their wings the moment they launched into the air to carry them the last distance to the descnding platform. Mystery solved, the smallest of their number was there waiting patiently with a beatific smile, the only sign of anticipation for the ceremony being the early arrival.
Sunday, November 14th, 2010
3:11 pm
Today... I got to visit with my father and his wife.

I really haven't a clue why I continue to associate with such hateful people. They cannot remain positive, caring or supportive. After a fairly nice lunch they had to start getting so mean-spirited and snarky.

I have some shoes I am really very happy with, Vibram Five-Fingers in the classic style. They look a little funny, but they're comfortable and the best pair of shoes I can remember ever having. However, in their eyes these are just house shoes and attention getters which are ridiculous and shouldn't be considered for regular daily wear.

I don't wear shoes in or around the house. There is no purpose in doing so. Shoes are for going outside to shop or otherwise leave my personal domain. The biggest exception to this is during the summer when I could get serious burns, or in the coldest parts of the year when the concrete freezes bone, walking across the drive to check the mail.

I discovered that a drugstore had socks with separate toes were on sale, and wanted to go check them out. Having found some that were acceptable, Dad bought them for me. The whole time I was standing in line with him, his wife nagged me about how it was one thing to treat a child, and entirely another to be buying something for a married woman.

Somehow we went from having that nice lunch to discussing how terrible I must be to be broke, jobless and thousands of miles from my husband who ought to be providing for me. As I'm grown and should be responsible for myself, I need to forget about trying to get a food box so I have something to eat and instead focus on finding work. It's unacceptable to believe that having food is important to being employed, because clearly once I have work I won't require food, or some other such illogical nonsense.

Instead of worrying about food, or vocational training [which takes months], I ought to just get whatever job I can walk into off the street and be hired for. When I've gotten that job, then I need to save up to buy a car [which makes so much sense given I have never had a license to drive anywhere], which will enable me to return to the rural area my husband lives and be able to work there as I'll be able to drive the who knows how many miles to who knows where for work of some sort.


I do not know how talking at me is in any way conducive to improving my life.
I do not know how paying ten dollars for a few pairs of socks is such a terrible thing, if it was that bad I could have A] gone without, or B] bought them myself.
I do not know how insulting my brother is in any way helpful to myself and see it less helpful to my brother.
I do not know how anyone's quality of life is in any way benefited by a complete lack of effort on all parties' account, whether it's my own effort or the efforts of those who claim to wish the best for me.


Change is very frightening and difficult.
I have never had a job, beyond the few times in my life I have volunteered for a convention or SCA event.
I do not have a support group out there willing to hold my hand, encourage me, cheer on my accomplishments no matter how small [my husband thought it was weird I wanted him to congratulate me for finishing a whole plate of food], or otherwise help me adjust to being human.
I never really thought I was human, when I was in the second grade I insisted I was alien, later elementary years had me caterwauling like a cornered cougar or howling like some kind of canid when pitted against aggressive peers, and that feeling of otherness hasn't ever stopped being under the skin.
I cry at night, sometimes, because I feel so overwhelmed and inexperienced and helpless.
Other times I try to convince my body to just not bother waking up.


Talking and berating someone for being who they are really, honestly, will never work to make them into someone else. It's better, instead, to let them stumble and make mistakes. If they fall, it's fine to offer a helping hand, but a mocking voice and insincere attitude is only going to serve as a way to make them repulsed and withdrawn.

And since I really don't know what the point of rambling is anymore, aside from something to focus on to prevent unnecessary tears, I think I'll have said my say.
Monday, November 1st, 2010
12:40 pm
Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
3:08 pm
Woo. Apparently I can connect my Facebook here. How loverly for everyone.

Dragon*Con... I was going to go by the numbers, but that struck me as particularly odd. Maybe I will come up with a list for that later.

Managed to get room to crash in three different hotels over the four nights I was in Atlanta, which was a wonderfully happy miracle. Also managed to survive on con suite for meals, aside from three some nice older fellows got for me, and the dead dog with all the lovely staff Monday evening.

Was happy to see several old friends, sad to hear some weren't showing or won't be back the next year. Love the con because everyone's your friend for a weekend, then life goes on and people are forgotten till the next year.

Saw some bands, avoided Voltaire for no particular reason [he looks all scruffy, I noticed, but I don't think that's why I didn't go near].

I think I offended Doc Hammer because when I saw him Monday afternoon I said I'd seen his band perform and replied in my candid way "I don't know what I think" after he asked what I thought. Ended up chatting with him about my awesome toe-shoes a bit longer, then bounced off to let him relax. I felt like a real putz, but I'd seen his Friday night performance with some drunk buddies while I was quite tired, so all I remembered was that I had been physically present while they performed.

This is looking really disjointed time-line wise. I am going to attribute it to having no sense of time, as evidenced by the fact that all Saturday I thought it was Sunday and all Sunday I thought it was Saturday. Time means very little to me. Hah!

Went to the Time Traveler's Ball, where Gypsy Nomads, Emerald Rose and Extraordinary Contraptions played, and I got to meet several of the crew of the airship Revenger. The drummer for Extraordinary Contraptions was one of the first people I encountered in Atlanta, sitting up in the bar of the Hyatt at a relatively early hour, and he was such a charming gentleman.

Also spent time with a number of curious individuals, even ending up having Dangerwoman at my table during the dead dog. Though, really, I was focused quite intently on my meal, and she was engaged in conversation with her beloved much of the time.

As always, I did a lot of dancing, on top of the usual con running amok, so my legs are now suffering terribly. *Chuckles*

Many thanks go out there to all the friends and strangers whose random acts of kindness have helped to make the convention another incredible success in my mind. Hugs and kisses and many blessings upon you!
Saturday, July 24th, 2010
9:32 am
My trip went awry from the very start!

Despite having traveled through airports all over the country, I was stopped in Honolulu because my keychain had a bullet on it. Then they discovered a live 9mm round in my bag, which was apparently in with my pouch of safetypins. The ensuing questioning left me with no time to get to the gate where my flight was going out from.

The nice people at Delta set me up with a flight that was already boarding to San Fran, which had me sleeping on it in no time. Sleeping on planes sucks. I got maybe four hours total.

San Fran was alright. Had four or so hours to wait, so I read, played some videogames and danced till the batteries died on my CD player. Then it was time to board and they set me up with a non-stop to Phoenix instead of having to go through Salt Lake, but I had only about an hour to leave the gate I was at, get out to the main lobby, check in with a different airline and go through the security check to get to the new gate. I arrived just in time to hear them start boarding, which was a relief.

Finally back in Phoenix, I had to hunt down my baggage. It wasn't in Terminal 3 where US Airways comes through, but the nice people there were able to track where the bag ended up... Alaska Airlines had it in Terminal 2... weeeeeeeeeeee.

Further insanity as we took the city bus system back across town to finally get some rest. I think Mum said it was about two-hours?

I left out a few details, but that's the gist of it.
Sunday, December 27th, 2009
10:40 am
I have been lax about posting, but today I am inexplicably hyper and decided that was a good enough reason to post my happiness!

I am pleased to note that for Christmas I received a few things I had hoped for and asked for! Amazing! Wonderful!

I now have two sets of Prismacolour pencils, one little 12 set and a 48 set in a tin. Now to put my creative juices to work and maybe do some commissions. I shall have to set aside time for drawing, most definitely.

Also got a couple sketchbooks to go with those pencils, very handy since I wasn't inclined to pay 5 bucks for a ream of printer paper. Printer paper is good, cheap practice paper, yeah?

I also am now the proud owner of a Singer sewing machine. HAH! And with a fabric store right up the road, I am pretty set. All I need to do is figure out patterns.

And as silly as it sounds, I am also happy to have gotten 4k Microsoft Points for my budding XBox Live habit. *Dances* Now I can get silly outfits for my avatar, and extra game stuff.

A cookbook and file box for recipes are also very handy, good stuff! And spices to make the cooking of things more awesome still. Even a couple of casserole dishes, which is useful since we hadn't gotten those yet.

My sister hooked me up with a set of herbs for indoors made by the Chia Pet people. Very awesome, fresh herbs are nice.

And while I hadn't expressly stated I wanted the game, I got Assassin's Creed II, which is very pretty and I need to get around to opening so I can give it a go. Try not to drool all over the controller because that outfit is so awesome.

I think I am forgetting something, but yesh! I had a wonderful Christmas this year, and am happy happy happy even two days later. So happy I am hyper, heh.
Saturday, December 12th, 2009
11:06 pm

I did it.

I won the game.

Well... I beat the end boss and got the credits. Awesome song.

I did it! No cheat codes, no checking guides for what I've missed [except trying to figure out why the xombies kept dropping brains].
3:37 pm
Completely random thing concerning my previous posting.

If anyone out there happens to be on XBox Live, my handle is divine melee.

Really. With a space and everything.

It's a joke, but I like it anyhow.

Yesh, my gamerscore is super low, currently 645 or something silly.
This might have something to do with all of one game being played as far as XBox Live is concerned.
That game would be Borderlands, along with the Island of Dr Ned expansion.
I still must wait a bit longer to be able to finish things, as obviously I need to get a new copy of the game with the old box eating the disc.

Random Christmas thoughts-
XBox Live points... uhhhh... Whatever they're called, Microsoft points?
Cards for Best Buy or GameStop, because I probably have access to more games than I realise if I went looking, haha.

And I want a sewing machine.
Friday, December 11th, 2009
11:17 am
Today I broke my husband's XBox 360.

I am not a console gamer.
I am not really a video gamer, in general.
Sometimes I actually accomplish something in roleplay, but I suck as a gamer in general.

Anyhow, I saw this new game he'd gotten, Borderlands, and decided to give it a try.
I even got my own controller for the XBox, a nifty GameStop exclusive red and black number.
Actually we got the controller even before we had a television big enough to warrant split screen play, but oh well.
So I am struggling through the game. I made three characters while my hubby sticks with one, but I been getting along nicely with my first and have had some help from him in a few instances where we decided to team-play.
He picked up the Island of Dr Ned add-on, and that's helpful in getting a few extra levels before going through and finishing, though I didn't finish that part yet because the challenges were getting beyond my meagre gaming skills.


I am getting the impression there isn't a whole lot left of the game for me to finish, but last night I was up past midnight and just had to crash as I been waking around 0600-0630.

I do domestic things, have breakfast and mess around on my pony accounts and a little chat RP. I amk feeling pretty derned spiff and was all stoked to hop onto the game and see how much more I can get done...

The console starts up fine, I go to change profiles to my own, and what happens? Angry red lights!

I think that it's weird, so do a little troubleshooting with the help of the XBox website. Apparently, from what I have figured out, the powersupply is kaput.
-Totally interesting side note, Mozilla recognises kaput as a properly spelled word, man I love this browser.

Back to the matter at hand.
I feel like crying for breaking his machine, and actually feel worse after I send him a text about it. I decide to bathe, I was going to shower but I discovered the tub plug and felt that was a better option. As the tub is filling I am lulled and felt like just sleeping.

Then I realised that if I fell asleep and drown, someone was going to decide it was suicide. Which was an absolutely horrid thought. What an awful way to go, too.

Anyhow, he called me back and will be checking out what I already checked out to be certain my awesome troubleshooting skills aren't whacked.
I suppose that the fact that the powersupply remains orange even when I turn the console on could possibly be... I dunno, unrelated to the fact that the powersupply isn't working properly.

As a side note, I was going to post here after a bit of play with my review of the game. It was going to be full of accolades and praises to the developers about the very overwhelming sense of wonder I have experienced playing it through.

But I just wasted all my brainpower ranting about my poor broken console.

It will have to suffice that I, as a complete amateur gamer, find it to be well worth the time it has sucked out of my life. Even with all the horrible deaths, repeated and redundant as they were at times.

Go out, get this game. I dare you to say it isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread!
Saturday, November 28th, 2009
1:32 pm
Christmas wishes
I haven't really thought too much about what I would like for this holiday season, I have my husband and am happy if he's happy. The following is just a list of things I haven't yet gotten around to getting for the apartment or might find some good use for, more than any real list of wants. Except the first thing, which I can only wish happens rather than think someone would be so kind.

As I've mentioned before, my husband is a Marine stationed here on Oahu, and thus very far from his family living out in Delaware. Since we just moved into a new place and have been getting ourselves settled, the cost of flying out there to see his family is a bit beyond our means, but I think it would be cool to get out there to see them. We wouldn't actually be able to leave the island till the 27th, or late on the 26th, but it's close enough for celebrations.

A blender for smoothies and milk shakes would be cool, or some kind of food processor in general.

Maybe a Wii Fit setup, so I can pretend like I know what the heck I am doing with exercise and whatnot.

And my husband keeps distracting me since lunch is ready, so I need to head out to eat. I will probably have more thoughts on exciting new Christmas ideas at another point.
Monday, October 26th, 2009
11:24 am
I moved to Hawaii.
Big surprise there.
Staying with my sister temporarily.

Yesterday she comes home from the commissary and offers me a jar, "I have no idea what this is, but I had a feeling you'd like it."

It was a jar of Nutella. I was surprised she'd never heard of or tried the stuff before.
She's the world traveled petty officer.

She also provided me with more tea for my sipping pleasure, a nice chai I intend on opening up and having a cup of shortly.
Not a latte, though, just the chai.

*Goes back to searching for a short term rental*
Sunday, October 4th, 2009
8:42 pm
Monday, September 28th, 2009
1:13 pm
Friday evening, just after sunset, I was married.
In Hawaii.
On a Marine Corps base.
On top of a WWII lookout bunker where Marines watched for incoming Japanese.
Surrounded by... Marines! [As well as one naval petty officer/sister/photographer, my niece, a teddybear/bodyguard, and the reverend/sergeant's wife.]

The next day, I went to the beach to actually swim here for the first time despite being in Hawaii this past month.
The Ocean defeated me.
My hubby says I lasted seven minutes in the water before I gave up.
I did good, considering I'm pretty terrified of water.

Going back home tomorrow morning to get things in order, either preparing to move to Hawaii for a few months, or using that time to be ready to move somewhere on the mainland when my husband is released to civilian life come the end of May [thus saving monies, yo].

I am not so good with the planning, hopefully things work out despite this flaw.
Sunday, May 31st, 2009
11:31 pm
Friday, April 24th, 2009
11:29 am

I don't have anything more to add to that.
Friday, March 27th, 2009
8:12 pm

Check out the Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom and Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute songs.
Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
4:18 pm
Second Life
Randomly started up a SL account for my birthday.

If you care to say hey, the name is Rhapsody Jinx.

That is all. Thanks.
Thursday, February 12th, 2009
12:59 pm
NPR is full of interesting, random tidbits during their Fresh Air programme. Yesterday while out and about, we heard this little bit about the band Fol Chen, which was interesting enough to recall and look up this morning. Actually had to go to NPR's site to figure it out, since for the life of me I couldn't determine what the band was actually named, I kept hearing "4chan", which I was certain was not the band name at all.
Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
9:00 pm
My brain just rickrolled itself.

I haven't heard that song in ages, and out of the blue...

It was too bizarre not to share the total randomness which is the human mind.

And if that wasn't enough, my buddy just shared this picture to accompany the brain seepage.
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